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Ayur Slimax

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"AyurSlimax" as a food supplement helps to you to control your weight, Burns fat, Suppresses appetite, reduce sugar cravings, Increase metabolism, Boosts energy and Boost mental alertness.It is the natural way of removing excess fats. AYUR SLIMAX has 100% natural ingredients interact with the bodys Natural process of metabolism, preventing the fats from absorbing in the tissues. Whether the individual is obese or just slightly overweight, It helps one achieve optimal weight when coupled with exercise and balanced calorie controlled Healthy diet. "AYUR SLIMAX” gently detoxifies the body, helps to over come sweet cravings. Addictions to sugar may be tempered, as the body receives the deepe

Suggested Use:

One capsule Thrice a day before half an hour of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner or as directed by a health care proffesional.


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